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Shaft inspection system

For the company Barattieri srl we have developed a Shaft inspection system that is able to evaluate the shaft pieces in qualitative and dimensional point of view (upto 0.01mm), identifying out-of-tolerance measurements and defects, and directing them with respect to their categories in the production line.

Through a dedicated section, the system allows us to create recipes specific to each product format. It is possible to verify chamfers, radius, angles and various other dimensional evaluations, managing the tolerances for each measurement in total autonomy and directing each of them to their respective lines in order to separate the recoverable pieces from the irrecoverable ones.

With a view of compatibility with industry 4.0 and to favor the improvement of the production process, the system allows the generation of end-of-order reports thanks to which it becomes easy to identify the critical processes so as to be able to act on a preventive level to avoid further waste.

In terms of automation and integration, the has been inserted into the customer's production line and made fully automatic. It is able to manage the movement of the shafts, carrying out the check even if the shaft arrives rotated by 180°, thus avoiding unnecessary blocks or additional checks related to the direction. All this means that the constant supervision of an operator is not necessary.

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