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POR FESR 2014-2020

1. Research and Innovation

Project Title:

Industrial research in Disys for the development of new advanced industrial vision systems.

Project Description:

For more than 10 years, Disys has been involved in designing and developing customized artificial vision systems capable of automatically inspecting and controlling various properties and characteristics of products.

The subject of this project is intended to develop a vision system that can detect the shapes and correct any deformations present by implementing vision algorithms.

The development of this project involves Disys to innovate a vision system that can be used as an advanced technology for cutting fabrics.

Considering a machine vision system like this in the textile industry will bring considerable advantages such as greater precision with the same result always; waste reduction; speed etc.

There are several variants with the aim of making the vision system replicable in other sectors as well.

Intervention carried out using the funding:

POR — Objective "Investments for growth and employment" part of the ERDF European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020

Axis 1 – Research and innovation

Action 1.1.1  "Support for research projects for companies that envisage the employment of researchers (PhDs and master's graduates with technical-scientific profiles) in the companies themselves". 

Call for support for research projects involving the employment of researchers:.

With reference to the resolution of the Regional Council n. 805 of 11 June 2019  "Call for support for research projects involving the use of researchers” -a communication for eligibility and financial grant application. The accounting commitment in favor of Disys srl was established with Decree of the Manager of the ERDF Management Area n. 64 of 16 March 2020, published in the BUR no. 40 of 27 March 2020. Thus, the application with support ID 10234163 aimed at obtaining the benefits provided for, by resolution no. 805/2019 for the support of research projects involving the use of researchers is financed with a grant of €145,985.00, out of an eligible expenditure of €208,550.00.

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