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Robot Guide system

Identification of placement and orientation of 3D elements

A robot guide means a artificial vision system able to guide a robot to perform an action using one or more 2D cameras and three-dimensional scanners that acquire the work area and software that can process the data.

The purpose of these systems is to drive a robot
when taking objects from positions not known in prior, such as objects arranged in order randomly on conveyor belts or in pallets or boxes.

It is possible to differentiate this type of systems into two categories:
• 3D robot guide
• 2D robot guide

The two-dimensional guides allow you to locate and determine the coordinates of the object in order to allow it to be picked up by a robot or other device. In this case, the elements are placed in an orderly manner on conveyor belts or on pallets. In the case of heterogeneous objects it is possible to use a pattern matching algorithm, which guarantees versatility while maintaining high precision in localization and consequently in picking.

guida robot

The three-dimensional guides, on the other hand, allow you to pick up objects in containers regardless of the orientation and position in which they are located, evaluating the correspondence of the acquired object with the model provided by the customer (.dxf, .dwg, etc.). The system thus defined is able to recognize the roto-translation of each element and allows interfacing with a third-party machine to provide the data found.
Examples of interfacing machinery can be a laser engraver, a CNC machine, a robot picker, an anthropomorphic robot, etc.

Our systems of robot guide, based on ad-hoc designed three-dimensional scanners, have the ability to pick up pieces in non-deterministic positions with a high degree of accuracy.

The use of robot guide in the Robotic lines allows you to increase the speed, flexibility, efficiency and versatility of the system.



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