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We developed in conjuction with Bottonificio BAP S.p.A. a computer-vision system for automatic stud setter machines.

The software is capable to recognize the intersection of two seams (the desired position where to place the stud) and to instruct the motorized axis to move the plate with the leather/textile right under the stud setter stamp for an accurate, fast and safe stud positioning.

  • Easy to use software with a simple and responsive HMI
  • Connection with external devices (PLC) and safety protection sensors
  • Accuracy of the seam center with a tollerance lower than 0.1mm
  • Creation of new task-model for the different leather/textile production
  • Full management by the user of the task-models
  • Extra customization on demand…

Main Features

Movement Speed

Analysis Time

Placement Accuracy

Studs per Minute (manual loading)