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We design and assemble 3D Laser Scanners on customer request, by exploiting the sheet of light technology described in Figure 1a/b.

Sometimes the 3D scanning solutions currently on the market may not satisfy some of constraints of the production line. We can offer you the knowledge and technology to design and realize personalized solutions to cope with your requests (scanner dimension, measurament range, scan speed, laser class and wave length suitable for the working environment).

Figures 1a/1b illustrate the triangolation principle used to estimate the 3D position with the sheet of light method.
Figure 1a highlights the necessary components used by this technology: 1 line projector (laser) and 1 camera (image sensor).The pixels position displacement measured by the camera sensor can be interpreted in metric units if the geometry of the systen (camera-laser angle) is known. This method allows us to reconstruct a “sheet” of the object every time an image is acquired. By moving the object and knowing how it moves (conveyor belt direction and speed or rotation velocity) we can reconstruct the entire 3D surface. In figure 1b are depitcted the optical-geometrical properties.

An example of a 3D laser scanner produced by Disys. The model in the image presents also a mechanical joint to connect the device to the air-industrial-system. This assure a dedicated cleaning of the sensor to have always clean and accurate data.

Main Features

Maximal Field of View
Maximal scan width (at the ground height)
1200 mm
Maximal Resolution
Maximal Reachable Accuracy
10 μm
Maximal Acquisition Speed
Resolution along movement (maximal sampling speed)
800 Hz

Air Cleaning System

Availability to connect with the compressed air system for accurate measurement even in dusty environment


Laser Selection

Wide range of laser assortment (color/power) better performance on different materials and safety for the surrounding workers


Customized Dimensions

Scanner dimensions are designed on request to fit even in narrow spaces available


Extra Customization

Acquisition and analisys software developed on request and extra customization are available